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Billy Bunter of Greyfriars (Two Rare Episodes)
Released: July 1954 & September 1956
Number of DVDs: 1
DVD Region: Free (Worldwide)
Price: £5.99 + Postage
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- Bunter Won't Go! (01/07/1954)
- Backing Up Bunter (09/09/1956)

The television series based on the magazine stories and books by Frank Richards, also with new scripts by him, set at Greyfriars public school and featuring the fat boy Billy Bunter, who is forever eating and scrounging. William George Bunter (a.k.a. Billy Bunter, the "Fat Owl of the Remove"), is a fictional character created by Charles Hamilton using the pen name Frank Richards. He featured originally in stories set at Greyfriars School in the boys weekly story paper The Magnet first published in 1908, and has since appeared in novels, on television, in stage plays, and in comic strips. These classic episodes are incredibly rare and the chance to see them again is a must!

Colin Campbell ... Johnny Bull
Gerald Campion ... Billy Bunter
John Charlesworth ... Harry Wharton
Raf De La Torre ... Mr. Quelch
Peter Marden ... Frank Nugent
Brian Roper ... Bob Cherry
Harry Towb ... Cyrus Hoot
Anthony Valentine ... Lord Mauleverer
Vic Wise ... Andy
Robert F. Young ... Doctor Locke


Bunter Won't Go! (01/07/1954)
After a whopping Bunter tells the Famous Five he's going to get back at Quelch with this egg. Overhearing, Quelch awards him an extra 200 lines. When Coker throws a hassock out of his study and it accidentally hits Quelch in his deckchair (!) Bunter is on the spot and cackles. Oh Lor', Quelch is not amused, taking Bunter to Dr Locke for expulsion. Bunter hides in a study but Quelch finds him and takes him to the station. At 11pm in the Remove dorm Bunter returns exhausted having walked from Lantham, "miles and miles." Next morning when Quelch appears in the dormitory the rumble of Bunter's snore awakes the echoes! Bunter escapes to the boxroom. Coker climbs a ladder in order to extricate him, getting rapped on his knuckles by way of thanks. However he does break down the door and Bunter is dragged off to the beak. When Coker learns why Bunter is expelled he bursts in to the sacred presence to confess.

Backing Up Bunter (09/09/1956)
Billy Bunter's stockbroker father, knowing it's a half-holiday at Greyfriars, sends his secretary to the school to take Bunter and the Famous 5 on a countryside drive. The secretary never arrives and Mr Bunter's car is discovered abandoned. He's taken 5000 pounds from the safe! As the money belonged to a client, Mr Bunter will have to make the loss good and economize. Billy will have to swot for a scholarship in order to stay at Greyfriars

(NB. This episode only has the episode name displayed at the top of the screen & and ticker timer on the bottom left of the screen).

The Billy Bunter of Blackfriars School series was filmed in 1.33:1 ratio Black & White with Mono English audio track.

This series was never sold or released on video or DVD and is extremely hard to come by.

The overall quality is good (7 out of 10), but not commercial quality. The quality is what can be expected from a 1950s broadcast.

The DVDs are region free and work internationally. The DVDs will be supplied in loose format with protective paper/plastic sleeves.


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