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Bring 'Em Back Alive (Series)
Released: 1982
Number of DVDs: 3
DVD Region: Free
Price: £14.99 + Postage
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Frank Buck was a legendary guide and Great White Hunter, living in Malaya during the years just prior to World War II. Operating out of the Raffles Hotel bar in Singapore, Frank donned pith helmet and ventured forth every week to deal with the baddies of Southeast Asia, ranging from smugglers and warlords to spies and strutting Nazis. There was a real Frank Buck, a famous animal trapper in the 1930s and '40s. However, any resemblance between the real Frank Buck and the character portrayed in this series was completely coincidental.

Starring: Bruce Boxleitner, Cindy Morgan, Ron O'Neal, Sean McClory and Clyde Kusatsu
Notable guest stars include: Walter Koenig, George Lazenby, Mako and Jenilee Harrison.

  1. Seven Keys to Singapore Part 1
  2. Seven Keys to Singapore Part 2
  3. There's One Born Every Minute
  4. The Reel World of Frank Buck
  5. The Pied Piper
  6. The Warlord
  7. Thirty Hours
  8. Wilmer Bass and the Serengeti Kid
  9. Escape From Kampoon
  10. The Best of Enemies
  11. To Kill a Princess
  12. Bones of Contention
  13. A Switch in Time
  14. The Shadow Women of Chung Tai
  15. The Hostage
  16. Dead Run
  17. Storm Warning

The Bring 'Em Back Alive series was filmed in 1.33:1 ratio Color with Mono English audio track.

This series was never sold on video or DVD and is extremely hard to come by. The overall quality is good (8 out of 10), but not commercial quality.

The DVDs are region free and work internationally. The DVDs will be supplied in loose format with protective paper/plastic sleeves.


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