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Chopper Squad (Series)
Released: 2nd December 1978
Number of DVDs: 7
DVD Region: Free (Worldwide)
Price: £29.99 + Postage
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The series was based around the work of a helicopter rescue team operating on Dee Why beach in Sydney. An unscreened pilot was made in 1976, followed by a series of 26 episodes airing between 1978 and 1979. The most striking feature of Chopper Squad is the stunt work. The nature of the series - helicopter rescue work - meant there was plenty of scope for stunts. The Chopper Squad series was never sold on video or DVD and is extremely hard to come by.


1. Something To Shout About
A speed boat is running dangerously wild after a man collapses, leaving his girlfriend helpless at the controls; a girl has an epileptic fit while climbing outside the hideaway of a popular rock group trying to catch a glimpse of the lead singer; Georgia has to treat a man who has suffered a severe coronary; and Rodney Coombs' niece arrives at the club, and comes into conflict with Roly when she starts a prolonged campaign to admit female members to the club, culminating in a rescue attempt which nearly goes tragically wrong.

2. Cliff Rescue
A father and son are trapped on a cliff face; a swimmer is caught in a rip; a parachutist is seriously injured after landing in a tree; and a man's speed boat explodes along with a basketful of money, leading to a dangerous encounter with criminals.

3. Surf Carnival
A near drowning follows a wipe out at a surf carnival; an old man falls down a cliff and is seriously injured, his dog preventing anyone from coming near; a girl attempts suicide after losing a beauty contest; and Barry gets fuel in his eyes and is blinded flying the helicopter.

4. A Dream Before Dying
A man with a rare blood type is injured, and the only donor refuses to give up a winning position in a yacht race to help; two men lie injured at the foot of a cliff with an incoming tide; a diver contracts the 'bends'; and a rock climber has a heart attack, and he and Georgia are in danger on a crumbling rock face.

5. Psychotic Lady
Barry is threatened by a psychotic girl he rescues, Tim is hit by a speeding boat driven by drug smugglers, and a fisherman is swept off some rocks into a treacherous underwater cave.

6. The Drifter
An old man takes his asthmatic granddaughter up the coast in an old sailing boat, but when the boat capsizes and he is rescued, he refuses to disclose the whereabouts of his granddaughter. A bushwalker is bitten by a snake; and two yobbos steal the Surf Rescue jet boat.

7. Lifeboat
Barry saves the life of a deaf girl who is being pursued by two blokes who killed a service station proprietor during a robbery. The squad engages in a major bushfire rescue, and Jebbie has to spend the night on a drifting boat with four feuding people.

8. Long Weekend
A boy is trapped in a collapsed sand tunnel at the beach, and his young friend feels responsible and runs away. Phil and Sue, on their day off, are on hand when a singer is injured by broken glass thrown at an outdoor concert. Later they are first at the scene of a car accident on a lonely bush road.

9. A Pride Of Lions
A ranger in a lion park has a spasm and wanders off in a delirious state, and Phil and Jebbie are in danger when they drop down near a lurking lion to rescue him. Jenny Martin, a model and friend of Jebbie's sister, is seriously injured while swimming to get away from a lecherous photographer on a boat.

10. J Is For Julie
Julie, a student journalist, blunders into a situation and saves the day when a man threatens to tip another man out of his bulldozer over a cliff. Later Julie and Georgia just happen to be on hand when a girl is injured on a paddle steamer.

11. Dangerous Operation
Two amateur sailors in a boat drift dangerously close to a reef; former club member Dave Evans, injured and confined to a wheelchair, has to face his fears; a windsurfer is hit by a boat and badly injured; and Georgia has to perform a dangerous operation on a child in a lighthouse.

12. Dangerous Weapon
Two young children are lost in the bush with their father's .22 rifle; and two criminals have abducted a young woman.

13. The Farewell
A hoaxer plagues the chopper squad; a bomb is dropped at sea; a mother and her son nearly drown; two criminals on a boat have a fight and one is shot; Georgia is leaving for New Guinea; and Roly dies of a heart attack.

14. Cliff Hanger
A rock climber in difficulties is almost hung by the neck before being rescued, and a silly kid with a gun accidentally shoots a camper in the bush.

15. Happiness Is...
The Surf Rescue squad become involved with a motorbike stuntman who has a lot of attitude, and an elderly bushwalker becomes trapped by a fallen tree.

16. A Deed Without A Name
William McKenna disapproves of Tim seeing his sister Susan, and he retaliates against the club by vandalising their equipment. When Susan is subsequently injured in the bush, the vandalism to the jet boat prevents the rescue team from reaching her. The squad meets Perry Quixote Roland, an eccentric bumbler who has set himself up as an alternative rescue service.

17. Sweet Youth, Sweet Madness
Phil's mother comes to visit, but Phil has to spend the day underwater in an attempt to rescue a diver trapped in a sunken ship. A young bloke trying to impress a girl gets himself stuck high up on a crane.

18. 8:52 A.M
A commuter ferry collides with a cargo ship in Sydney Harbour. A massive rescue operation is mounted, and the Surf Rescue helicopter is called in to assist. Among the passengers on the ferry are Barry's parents.

19. Wanting Things
Jebbie finds himself attracted to the sister of a missing boy, who is feared to have had a motorbike accident in the bush. A couple known to Barry are on a boat that blows up due to a gas leak.

20. The Eye Of The Beholder
The chopper squad finds a drifting boat and evidence that the owner committed suicide. They are also involved in a search for a psychopath who pours acid on bikini-clad girls at the beach.

21. The Other Man's Grass
An old friend of Jebbie's is trapped in a mine accident. Jebbie suspects foul play and discovers an insurance swindle with a surprising twist. Phil becomes involved with an old man, Fred, and his nephew Ben after Fred has a heart attack. Fred wants Ben to take over the running of their boat, but Ben would rather learn to fly.

22. People Can See
A bungling couple of newlyweds have their honeymoon on an island. Disaster follows disaster, and their boat drifts away leaving them stranded. An inept hang glider repeatedly crashes, and is repeatedly rescued by the chopper squad. A lady who attempted suicide and was rescued by Barry forms an emotional attachment to him.

23. Freedom
A man running away from his wife, a 'mascot' training with a rugby team, and the appearance of a previous girlfriend of Barry's all combine to give the squad major difficulties.

24. No Strings
A girl is bitten by a snake when a couple go bushwalking. A boy sneaks off into the bush to fly his model plane, some yobbos dump a van in the bush, and a girl is thrown from her horse causing serious injury. Their circumstances are brought together and the chopper squad is called in, however the helicopter runs low on fuel and is forced to make an emergency landing, which seriously complicates their rescue attempts.

25. Stunt
The chopper squad becomes involved in a wild chase after a bank robber stuntman, and Jebbie is confronted by the jealous boyfriend of a female reporter.

26. The Big Trip
Jebbie and Barry take the helicopter to Canberra for a demonstration, and while there Jebbie meets a former girlfriend and they become involved in a bushfire rescue. Meanwhile, back in Sydney Phil has his hands full when he comes across a girl and a mystery man trying to kill her, who also tries to kill him.

This series was never sold on video or DVD and is extremely hard to come by. The overall quality is good (8 out of 10), but not commercial quality.

The DVDs are region free and work internationally. The DVDs will be supplied in loose format with protective paper/plastic sleeves.


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