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Ferris Bueller (Series)
Released: 1990
Number of DVDs: 1
DVD Region: Free
Price: £5.99 + Postage
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Postage Rates: UK (£1.50); Europe (£2.50); USA/Canada (£3.50); Australia/New Zealand (£3.50); Rest of the World (£3.50)

Though based on the movie, Ferris Bueller was not a continuation of the film. Unlike the film, the series was set in Los Angeles In the pilot episode, Ferris refers to the film and expresses his displeasure of Matthew Broderick portraying him. As in the film, the series focused on Ferris Bueller and his high school experiences, including dealing with his sister Jeannie, his friend Cameron, and Bueller's love interest Sloan.

Starring: Charlie Schlatter, Richard Riehle, Jennifer Aniston, Ami Dolenz, Brandon Douglas and Cristine Rose


  1. Pilot
  2. Behind Every Dirtbag
  3. Custodian of the People
  4. Without You I'm Nothing
  5. Between a Rock and Rooney's Place
  6. A Dog and His Boy
  7. Sloan Again, Naturally
  8. Scenes From a Grandma
  9. Stand-In Deliver
  10. Baby You Can't Drive My Car
  11. Grace Under Pressure
  12. A Night in the Life

The Ferris Bueller series was filmed in 1.33:1 ratio Color with Mono English audio track.

This series was never sold on video or DVD and is extremely hard to come by. The overall quality is good (7 out of 10), but not commercial quality.

The DVDs are region free and work internationally. The DVDs will be supplied in loose format with protective paper/plastic sleeves.


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