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The Charmings (Series)
Released: 3rd January 1987
Number of DVDs: 2
DVD Region: Free
Price: £9.99 + Postage
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Once upon a time there was a vain queen who was so jealous of her beautiful stepdaughter, Snow White, that she poisoned her with an apple. But, a handsome prince came along and broke the spell. Snow White and Prince Charming threw the wicked stepmother down a bottomless pit and lived happily ever after. But, it turns out the pit wasn't bottomless - just very deep. And now, the queen was very mad. With a spell so powerful even she couldn't control it, she put the Charmings asleep for a thousand years. She also got herself and one dwarf. Eventually they woke up..... in California - 1987! Each episode shows the Charmings trying adapt to their new life while Lillian and her wise cracking Magic Mirror watch from upstairs.

Starring: Caitlin O'Heaney (episodes 1-6), Carol Huston (episodes 7-21), Christopher Rich, Judy Parfitt and Paul Winfield
Notable guest stars include: Rip Taylor, John Astin, Bernie Kopell and Robin Leach.

  1. Pilot
  2. Lillian Makes a Date
  3. The Mirror Cracked
  4. The Charmings Buy a Car
  5. The Incredible Shrinking Prince
  6. An '80s Kind of Prince
  7. Lillian Loses the Kids
  8. The Charmings Go Plastic
  9. The Witch is of Van Oaks
  10. The Fish Story
  11. Cindy's Back in Town
  12. A Charming Halloween
  13. Trading Places
  14. Lillian Loses Her Powers
  15. The Charmings and the Beanstalk
  16. Yes, Lillian, There is a Santa Claus
  17. The Charmings Get Robbed Birth of a Salesman
  18. The Man Who Came to Dinner
  19. The Woman of His Dreams
  20. Lillian's Protege

The The Charmings series was filmed in 1.33:1 ratio Color with Mono English audio track.

This series was never sold on video or DVD and is extremely hard to come by. The overall quality is good (8 out of 10), but not commercial quality.

The DVDs are region free and work internationally. The DVDs will be supplied in loose format with protective paper/plastic sleeves.


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