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The Fourth Arm (Series)
Released: 7th January 1983
Number of DVDs: 4
DVD Region: Free (Worldwide)
Price: £14.99 + Postage
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The twelve-part serial dealt with secret agents parachuted into occupied Europe during the Second World War, following their progress through initial recruitment and training, and finally their first mission in enemy territory. The mission to destroy the Nazis' V1 flying bomb dump in 1944.

The Fourth Arm was created and produced by Gerard Glaister, who had previously been at the helm of other World War II dramas such as Colditz and Secret Army. The serial starred former Secret Army cast member Paul Shelley as Major Hugh Gallagher, essentially a reprise of his Secret Army character, Major Nick Bradley, in all but name.

The Fourth Arm is a British television series produced by the BBC in 1983.


  1. Hitler's secret weapon against Britain.
  2. A special team has to be selected for the operation.
  3. The selected recruits are to meet at a designated rendezvous.
  4. As the training continues, they emerge as individuals.
  5. Parachute training begins, and there is suspicion there might be a secret agent.
  6. The team may have found a way into the V1 storage dump.
  7. The team are employed into a real operation in France but Portales loyality is in question.
  8. Major Gallagher discovers a way to cross the minefield which surrounds the German bomb dump.
  9. The deadline for the official selection of the team approaches but tempers flares and quarrels begin.
  10. The team is given a detailed briefing for the attack on the bomb dump but one of team opts out and the operation faces failure.
  11. The team has been briefed and they all recognise the importance of their mission and that their chances of survival are limited.
  12. Gallagher and his team have gained access to the German underground but their entry has been discovered.

The Fourth Arm series was filmed in 1.33:1 ratio Color with Mono English audio track.

This series was never sold on video or DVD and is extremely hard to come by. The overall quality is good (8 out of 10), but not commercial quality.

The DVDs are region free and work internationally. The DVDs will be supplied in loose format with protective paper/plastic sleeves.


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